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Balance of Zero is a content creation studio based in Amsterdam and made in journalism. We create multimedia stories that have a bit of heart and purpose. Basically, content that matters. The team consists of creative people who are curious about the world and are always asking questions. Their stories have appeared in publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC World Service, CNBC and many more. Ultimately, our goal is exactly the same as yours — to tell a powerful story and create content that will connect with people.

What we do

Visual storytelling

We can produce and create short documentaries, visual stories and photography for media and brands, focusing on universal themes, authentic characters and strong storytelling.

Branded content

Our content connects your brand to an audience. We create multimedia packages on a range of topics and themes, from tech to healthcare, and sport or education. Our priority is consistency and quality.

Editorial and writing

We don’t use long words. Our aim is to keep our content simple, relevant and authoritative. Blogs, social content, film treatments or scripts, we can write across formats. And focus on news and trends.

Stories contributed to

Visual storytelling

We make visual content that works for your brand with the aim of cutting through the daily mayhem. Our primary goal is to have people leave a story more informed and inspired. It doesn’t matter what content it is: whether a short film, a visual story or a photography series. We work with you from concept to delivery to make it connect.


Visual storytelling

Whether a short film, a customer story or an Instagram series, we want people to leave our stories more informed and more inspired. We aim to create a visual story which is bold and memorable. We work with you from concept to delivery to make that happen, with our team of filmmakers and photographers.

Brand collaborations

Branded content

Your stories can show people what you stand for and why you matter. But you have to find the stories first. We are always hunting for stories. Journalism has taught us how to find hidden gems and get the best out of interviewees. And we work with brand partners to make consistent and thoughtful content that connects people.


Branded content

Find the story first. Your stories can show people what you stand for, and why you matter. But you have to find them first. As former journalists, we like to find the hidden gems. And then convert them into branded content – through films, photography or words – so that they connect with an audience.

Want to talk about content creation?

Editorial and writing

The written word is the starting point for every story. Whatever anyone else tells you. We apply the principles of journalism to our writing, focusing on context and meaning. We keep it simple and authoritative using research, interviews, heart and soul. And this is the same for every audience and platform.


Editorial and writing

Writing. The starting point for any story is writing. We apply the principles of journalism to the written content we create, to give stories context and meaning. Whatever platform or audience we are writing for, that is core. We keep it simple and authoritative through research, interviews, heart and soul.



Apocalypse Laos

Decades after it ended, the Vietnam War still claims lives in the Southeast Asian nation. Many of them children. 

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Analyst and kickboxer

A short film that follows an Eindhoven-based kickboxer as he trains alongside his full-time job at Philips.

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Profiling Anonymous

Behind the Oscar-nominated 2012 documentary ‘The Act of Killing’ is a crew of anonymous Indonesians.

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Balance of Zero is a content creation studio based in Amsterdam, working with writers, journalists, photographers and filmmakers to create content that matters for brands, media and NGOs.


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