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Balance of Zero is an Amsterdam-based content studio. We are a storytelling team made up of writers, photographers, filmmakers, designers and illustrators. Our collective goal is to find and create authentic, universal stories for all platforms. We’re not motivated by the prestige of awards. But by the thrill of finding and telling an important story. And connecting it with an audience. However possible.

“I’m not interested in anything that doesn’t have a genuine heart to it. You’ve got to have soul in the hole. If that isn’t there, I don’t see the point.” — Nick Cave

Made in journalism

Journalism is in our DNA. Therefore, it influences the content creation process. Why? Organisations want high quality storytelling. This requires research and news gathering skills. As journalism becomes more commercial, brands shift the other way. And we help address that premium storytelling need. Using our media experience, we can find authentic, meaningful stories for you. 


Visual storytelling

We bring visual stories to life, whether short docs, customer films or social content. We create visual content from concept to publication and cover all steps in between.

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Branded content

Finding, researching and telling a visual story is a joy, we love it. Our team work closely with brands to find and build great stories that connect with people. 

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Editorial and writing

Every story needs words. Our writing is simple, timely and authoritative. We write across all formats and can work across topics ranging from healthcare to sport. 

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Experienced storytellers

We have 20 years of experience in finding stories for media, brands and NGOs. Our stories have appeared across media publications including the New York Times, BBC World Service, Wall Street Journal, Channel News Asia, NBC, Dazed, Penthouse and many more. We are creating and developing new concepts and ideas all the time. We work with big and small clients including Microsoft, KLM, Philips, Van Moof and The Economist Group.

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Balance of Zero is a content creation studio based in Amsterdam, working with writers, journalists, photographers and filmmakers to create content that matters for brands, media and NGOs.


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