Authentic storytelling

We create content for brands, media and NGOs. We film, we shoot and we write. Our work aims to bring out authentic characters, engaging narratives and universal themes. We believe this is how to connect content to people and make an impact. Our goal is to help you create stories that are meaningful, authentic and have a heart. To do that we collaborate across the fields of filmmaking, journalism, photography, illustration and design.

Branded content

We interview, research and scout out story beats and then create content that will connect with your audience. As a content partner our aim is to make your brand visible. We try to avoid traditional corporate stories, and challenge people to think about bigger themes. The goal is always to create stories that are relevant, provocative and intriguing.


Visual storytelling


Branded content


Editorial and writing

Visual storytelling

We create visual stories that tell people who you are and why you matter. The world is visually biased. Our content includes mini documentaries about your customers or employees, leadership films, mood films, or social content. We work from concept stage through pre-and-post production to final delivery.

“I’m not interested in anything that doesn’t have a genuine heart to it.” — Nick Cave

Editorial and writing

Our writing is based on extensive research and interviews. We delve into topics to find out what is relevant, timely and accessible. We ghost write articles, features, profiles, design editorial series or create in-depth reports. We can write about healthcare one day, education or social issues the next.

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Balance of Zero is a content creation studio based in Amsterdam, working with writers, journalists, photographers and filmmakers to create content that matters for brands, media and NGOs.


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