Branded content

Our team can find stories that matter around the topics you want to own. We like working with people who know their story is part of a bigger picture. Our aim is to work with you to connect your brand to life's bigger themes. We do that by hunting for new angles, ideas and formats that will inspire and inform. The end result could be a campaign, a short film series or a research project about the future of your industry. We work from the ideation phase to execution and delivery. And all of the steps in between.

Documentary photography series

More than 21 million Asian women and girls leave their homes to become domestic workers in foreign countries. Working with a documentary photographer we interviewed women who had been victims of abuse in Singapore. Our stories were published globally and raised awareness around the hidden nature of domestic abuse.

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Branded mini documentaries

Hospitals are dealing with societies that are ageing and getting more sick. Faced with these challenges, the role technology can play to help diagnose, treat and care for people is extremely important. As part of a series of customer stories for health technology company Philips we bought the story of hospital technology to life online.

The right to a story

Everybody has a story to tell. Traditionally, it was the job of historians, poets, writers, academics, filmakers and intellectuals. But that has changed. There is no governing body for storytelling—everybody can tell a story today and have it reach a wide audience. All the tools are there. For brands, as well as individuals, there are new opportunities to go where they haven’t gone before.

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