Branded content

Our team finds stories that matter to you and creates branded content packages using films, writing and photography. The goal is the tell the best story we have to tell and connect your brand to bigger issues and bolder themes. We hunt for new angles, story beats, ideas and formats to inspire and inform people. And we work with you, side by side, from the ideation phase to execution and delivery. To make branded content that matters.

Documentary photography

Our photography is intimate and humane. Working with a documentary photographer we interviewed women who had been victims of abuse in Singapore. More than 21 million Asian women and girls leave their homes to become domestic workers abroad. Our stories raised awareness around the hidden nature of domestic abuse.

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Short documentaries

Hospitals are responsible for the sick and ill, but are stretched well beyond their resources every day. The roll technology plays to diagnose, treat and care is increasingly important. But not well understood. As part of a branded content series for health technology company Philips we bought the story of hospital technology to life.

What is branded content?

Films, photogrpahy, writing, graphics, illustrations and designs. Branded content is a term that covers a wide range of different mediums. At its core it is about telling a good story. Storytelling was the job of historians, poets, writers and filmmakers. Today everybody can tell a story and find an audience. The digital tools are available and the audience is waiting. For brands, as well as individuals, that has led to new opportunities to creatively go where they haven’t gone before.

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Balance of Zero is a content creation studio based in Amsterdam, working with writers, journalists, photographers and filmmakers to create content that matters for brands, media and NGOs.


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