An employee film: Analyst and kickboxer

Director: Hans Schepp
Client: Philips
Project: Branded Content and Visual Storytelling

The back story

Quite often the best stories a brand has to tell are about its people: their lives, their goals and habits. Getting people interested in what your brand is and what it stands for, through the people you employ, is an incredibly effective source of storytelling. We were asked to develop a sports story for the Dutch healthcare brand Philips, to focus on its work/life balance. It’s not always easy to illustrate what this looks like, how it benefits employees and why it makes a brand an attractive employer.

The idea

A film to launch as part of a global recruitment campaign. Philips wanted to profile employees who play competitive sports. The aim was to illustrate the work/ life balance at the company. We set about finding an employee and profiling their life through a short film, split between the office and a sports arena. 

The content

Working with Amsterdam-based videographer, Hans Schepp, we casted several Philips employees and found a young K1 kickboxer, called Mark Bourti. He worked as an analyst and was training for a professional bout in Eindhoven. We shot the film in two days between Eindhoven and Amsterdam. 

“It is not about winning or losing. It is about winning or learning.
Because in sport it is about continuously improving.”

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