Philips: Technology in hospital care

Production: Spindle
Client: Philips
Project: ​Branded Content and Visual Storytelling

The back story

The role that technology plays in modern hospital care is both fascinating and enthralling. As hospitals battle to manage rising numbers of patients, every day becomes a matter of life and death. And any means of easing the daily burden on healthcare workers is  valuable. The role technology plays in hospital care is complex. It supports diagnosis and treatment inside the hospital and is becoming important outside of the hospital too. Not only in saving time and costs, but also improving patient health outcomes.  

The brief

In 2018, Philips launched a global brand campaign about the use of technology in hospital care. The campaign was created to profile customer hospitals and show how technology supports diagnosis of patients. In this case, the story centered on patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona.  

The content

We worked with creative partners to develop a series on the use of technology in hospital care. The series consisted of research, articles, films, podcasts and photography. Each piece of content is connected to the Philips brand platform and was used globally in advertising and media campaigns.

Diagnosing tumors in pediatric care

Any production is a battle between time, opportunity and logistics. And one of the most difficult places to film today is inside a hospital. There are always patients around and associated risks. For example, there are strict US privacy legislations around patient information and healthcare workers generally have little time to spend on productions. Working alongside Philips and Spindle, a UK-based production company, we developed interviews and ideas to bring to life the daily work of the radiology department inside a US paediatric hospital.

“Today we can even produce a 3D model of a patient’s heart so a child can hold a mode of their own heart in their hand and a parent witness that… which is amazing.”

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