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Our editorial and writing is built on 20 years of journalism experience. Our content is based on research, interviews and a bit of heart and soul. The stories we tell—whether an article series, an  industry report, a treatment or script—are designed to engage audiences. Simplicity is important to us. We never use a long word where a short one will do. Most important: we know what a good story is, why it matters and how it connects. 

The anonymous crew

The 2012 Oscar-nominated documentary The Act of Killing is about mass murderers, whose lives are untouched by their crimes. It was filmed by a mainly Indonesian crew, who chose to remain anonymous in the film’s credits to protect their families. Our series of articles uncovered their commitment and drive to bring a big story to the world.

Hire a writer

The life and times of Marifel Mosquera

They are 220,000 domestic workers in Singapore—women, mothers, daughters— who have left families behind to find work overseas. They prop up cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. But rarely do they get the recognition they deserve. This series profiles the sacrifices of one domestic worker in her quest to support her family at home.

Why do you write?

Writing a story is fiscally brutal. The process outweighs the financial reward. That’s just the way it is. So why do we do it? Because we have to. It is cathartic. We don't write for reward, we write because if we don't write, it doesn't feel right. You write stories that never get published or that you don’t get paid for — but then write another one. And you keep going. Because you love stories. 

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