Visual storytelling

Our visual stories are about everyday characters and bigger issues. Because we think that is important. The world is both beautiful and challenging. We create them to be consumed on different platforms. Whether a mini documentary about your customer, a visual essay or an employee profile, we focus on making the film or photography as authentic as possible. The main goal is to create something that speaks visually to a world that is watching.

Apocalypse Laos

Working alongside British mine clearing agency Mines Advisory Group this visual story explores the issue of unexploded ordnance in Laos. The Vietnam War ended decades ago, but every day people are maimed and killed by leftover US bombs dropped during the biggest bombing campaign in history.

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A pole revolution in Singapore

Singapore’s reputation as a conservative, tightly-controlled island nation belies a sense of adventure and creativity.
As part of a commission for international media, we did a visual story about the rise of pole dancing as an alternative form of fitness and the growing competition among new studios.

A visual world

In journalism a photo sells a story. That is a crude reality. However good the research and writing, a story collapses without a strong image. A visual representation of an issue, a place or a person connects instantly with an audience. We believe that every story needs to be visually told in order to reach its potential. And as more platforms and channels emerge to tell and distribute visual content, the question is not whether to make it a priority. But when?

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